Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Meet the man!

Hello everyone. My name is April. My sweet Dad is in the hospital getting his 50,000 mile tune up. A.K.A. hip replaced. So I thought I'd take the time to let you all know how special the man is that has dedicated numerous hours to this unique blog.

My Dad really is the best! He has raised all 5 of his children being the perfect example. He has always had a rock solid testimony that the gospel is true. I'm so grateful for this.
If any of you have been lucky enough to have received one of his amazing pens then you know first hand how talented he is. I will forever love the smell of wood stain. It takes me back to when he would stay up late making us girls wooden cradles for our dolls for Christmas.
He is the MOST generous person I know. He is so enjoyable to be around. He has an amazing memory and can keep your attention for hours with his stories of yonder years.
He has always been the man behind the video or the camera. And now behind the computer. He loves living near the temple in this beautiful valley and is so happy with the way this blog has blossomed.

Thank you all for visiting and supporting this Draper Temple blog and for being such wonderful neighbors and friends to my dear sweet dad.

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(Sorry Dad. If you want you can change your password ;)